Grass Fed Cattle

Why You Should Eat Only Grass Fed Cattle

The answer is very simple: we have messed with the nature and tried to improvise its processes ourselves – a case in point being rearing feedlot cattle. We prepare processed food for the cattle so that it can grow fat and big in no time. Though this process is efficient, we have not only spoiled our natural resources but have also adulterated them with foreign materials. Further, the stress causes diseases and all sorts of illnesses that we are going to eat such as mad cow disease and even cancer.

The way big corporations approach these issues is to support those who will allow them to experiment with new drugs and vaccination methods. This way, they will get the maximum return on their investment. We are then forced to buy the same products on an increasingly higher price because of the shortage. At the end, we are paying more and paying more for the same products, we and our cattle are nothing but a waste?

If you read this, you may feel discouraged.

But there is a way to get around all this. Buy grass fed cattle and let them graze on the grasslands. This is much better than corn or grain fed as it is natural and the cattle will fatten up naturally. In addition, they will contain far more nutrients as compared to the grain feed. The cattle will not only lose weight as compared to grain fed animals but also gain weight as well, this is because of the natural unfolding of the meat. Cattle raised on a natural diet will have soft, shiny meat with a yellow fat and a finely sliced that is tender. They will easily melt in the mouth and is a treat for any explorer who wishes to eat them.

But before you go ahead and have your fill of these prizes, you must know that these animals are meant for meat only. For these animals to be efficient meat producers, they must eat grass and roam free. Every now and then, they may graze on grass or grains with natural bacteria and enzymes which is what they were meant for. Any meat that is not fit for human consumption is not meant for the consumption of livestock. In this case, all the bacteria and enzymes must be removed.

We hear all the time that body building muscles come from grass fed animals but never hear them talk about the arid and nutrient poor environment these animals are bred in. There is no doubt that grass fed beef is much better for you and the environment, but only grass fed beef. Not corn fed beef which is usually graded seen as ‘Prime’ but is often kept low to reduce the risk of these variables.

Awards seen on meat labels often represent the end of the line for quality meat.  Grass Fed CattleThe highest grade of beef often times is seen in restaurants. The meat has to be turned out well from a very tender animal to be graded as Prime. Not only does Prime taste well, it also looks good too. Beef grading systems are a means to an end and just an estimate of what consumers are looking for. One end being well looked after and nourished animals that produce high quality meat. The other end being an animal that looks like it hasn’t been fed properly Grass Fed Cattle and hasn’t lived a healthy life.

Although a steak lover

will insist on having his or her steak cooked ‘just right’, others will load up on the fat and salt. Although the salt and fat add flavor, they also make the meat dry. Dried out and tough.

Although cooking the meat can be a difficult task, it Grass Fed Cattle is not difficult to incorporate a little variety to the menu. ordered meals have brought down Grass Fed Cattle the barbeque to the table. It is now common to see many restaurants offering a variety of menu items live or in the can. From micro-gourmetized preparations to full-on shared platters, the menu has gone wild. The night and day can be broken by the restaurant serving a shared platter of meat, vegetables and spices, cooked to perfection in a gourmet style with dishes that are something but the employee hasn’t seen before. สล็อตเว็บตรง

Although the times they prisoner doesn’t know about a coworker’s influence, they Grass Fed Cattle admit there has been a growing interest in the menu. It Grass Fed Cattle seems the more a restaurant’s menu goes online, the more willing they are to try something new. There has been an explosion of creativity when it comes to presenting and preparing dishes using locally grown ingredients. Whenertainly pressed for time, restaurants are catching the glimpse of the chef’s television show and using the trends to come up with innovative new dishes. Pressure Cooker recipesseem to be the new way to cook. Grass Fed Cattle But not everything’s been Grass Fed Cattle improved, so far. Here’s a rundown of the Exiled chef’s hottest finds and offers.

pressure cooker recipes

Blanca’s signature dish is a traditional Pinoy pork stew.