Why Taco Catering Is King (Again) For Now

Why Taco Catering Is King (Again) For Now




Even through a recession, it seems like tacos have maintained theiracyout of the recession, going with other popular food items such as pizza, movement food, and macaroni and cheese.

In fact, national restaurant chains are even marketing their own taco catering operations: blended taco carts have removed tired and hungry food from the menu, giving a more personal touch to events. Diners are increasingly seeing tacos fit right in with the theme of their events, according to a report from a restaurant association.

So it’s not hard to imagine the appeal of having a mobile taco catering event, especially one that involves all categories of popular food: meat eaters, vegans, vegetarians, and health-conscious who are concerned with their diet. But can mobile taco caterers really pull it off without traditional kitchen-based vendors? And just how small are the margin differences between preparing the food yourself and calling a taco cart caterer?

We went to test this question first-hand. Our researchers conducted a taco-themed food tasting. 42 people met at six different mobile taco carts offering six different menu options each with a twist based on ingredients from the chef’s mobile kitchen.

The experiment tested whether six different mobile taco carts could deliver the same level of food quality, which had been boiled down to a single, familiar flavor.

The six different meal options were indeed diverse. They ranged from super-foods to fusion of traditional Mexican food and tastes. The informality of the menu varied from Option A, which offered a rice-and-vegetable combo, to B, which offered a shrimp-and-vegetable dinner. It was the combination of these different flavors and textures that made the experiment so delightful to watch.

We have conducted many food taste tests,

but this one seems to be unlike any other. It involved not just metabolism testing, but also a food history lesson, an exploration of the people who create all the food products we eat, an age-old cultural behavior question, and a taste test of the six different taco flavors. Did the expert tasters know what they were tasting and do it with the same methodical gusto that enthusiasts of the viral videos do? สล็อตเว็บตรงไม่ผ่านเอเย่นต์

If you think this is a bit of a sideshow to the main event, you’re not wrong. The food testers were asked to rate the taco flavors on a scale of one to five. The scores were then compiled into a ” Texture Tours” report for the benefit of the chef. Below is a quote from one such tour report compiled by a noted food critic.

“The six flavors consisted of (in order from low to high): Chilis, guacamole, salsa, sour cream and onion, cheese, and Mexican chile and cheese. Being a native New Yorker, I was excited to see that the Chilis ranked the highest with 10 out of 12 test takers. The top three were pulled apart by hand for six hours in a vacuum-bush shape search. The Chilis lost to the sour cream and the cheeses, which are more solid. In this sample, the pour was a generous 7mm. The Margaritas were hot (Testor na Mole) and refreshing. The best is the “ahi houjiburger” (in English), which is a ground beef patty served on a soft taco cloth for dipping. The burger was served on a plate of mixed greens and tomatoes, and accompanied by a spicy vinegar and tomato dip. This is a family fave.”

So if you are ever out and about and you get a craving for something spicy,

remember you have some options for making it at home. You won’t have to hold up a sign for a caterer, and if you are entertaining some guests you can opt for the tortillas, tacos and fajitas that are so good. And if you are the host, better yet, go ahead and use the prepared food to put a little pizazz into your every presentation.